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Active Exhaust Sound Boosters

Kufatec Active Exhaust Sound Boosters

KUFATEC active exhaust Sound Boosters


Active Exhaust Sound Booster Pro is an upgrade to the sound of your existing exhaust without altering any part of the OEM exhaust system.

This unique product comes from Kufatec in Germany, and produces a  playful yet tuneful exhaust note for your car.

If your existing diesel/petrol engine doesn’t have that deep throaty, visceral sound, then one of our active exhaust sound boosters is the answer!

Experience that V6/V8 deep rumble exhaust note simply by installation one of our Kufatec active sound boosters and make the hair on your back stand up!

The Sound Booster Pro by KUFATEC is particularly useful in an all Electric (eg. Telsa)  or Hybrid (Lexus GS 450H) car, where you don’t have that exhaust sound associated with speed.

CVA Supplies have an active exhaust Sound Booster Pro for most vehicle makes and models. 

As we are all now more educated in environmental awareness and lower consumption of fuel the Active exhaust Sound Booster Pro is the perfect solution for an environmentally friendly yet, more powerful exhaust sound.

You neither need an expensive V8-engine nor an expensive upgraded titanium exhaust system for giving your car a sound like it have a large powerful engine. 

Finally, the active exhaust Sound System can easily be deactivated via its on/off switch.