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mobile installation of parrot car kit

­­­­­­­­CVA Supplies is a Parrot Certified car kit fitter and installer.

Hands free communication is one of the most important developments in the Car Audio Industry! We all spend many hours in our cars due to work commitments and our preferred way to travel. Professionally installed Bluetooth hands free car kits will not only enhance your driving pleasure but will also keep you within the law when receiving and making mobile phone calls.

Manufacturers such as Parrot, Nokia and Bury have become the leading car kit brands; fit4caraudio are certified installers and fitters for these brands and offer nationwide fitting service backed by our 2 year warranty.

No matter what vehicle you drive we have a solution for you and welcome your enquiry, our company have car kit fitters and installers throughout the Manchester and North West. CVA Supplies welcomes any commercial enquiry so if you have a fleet of cars and vans we would love to here from you.

If you are considering buying a Car Kit please call sales and support to discuss your requirements or simply email our contact centre. Our engineers can also upgrade your Parrot phon­e kit with the latest firmware so that it keeps yo­ur phone car kit working perfectly with the latest mobile and smart phones.­­

car kit install for my vauxhall insignia

­Car Kit install in a Vauxhall Insignia

Here is a great example of Parrot's CK 3100 car kit installed in a Vauxhall Insignia. There is a fair amount of the dashboard to dismantle, but the final result shows how good the car kit display looks; it's certainly not of character. The CK3100 LCD screen is clear and easy to navigate around when you need to make a phone call. The highly sensitive microphone ensures a crisp and clear conversation every time, this car kit is a real work horse of a car kit and very extremely reliable!

This mobile installation was carried out in the Bolton region.

parrot car kit

­Hands Free Car Kits made for iPod and Works with iPhone.

One of the best phone kits on the market place is the MKi series developed by Parrot. These products are specifically designed to work as car kits and iPod or iPhone integration music players housed in one convenient chassis! With their upgradable brain boxes they have become the choice of the majority of the public. Classy looking in appearance and with smart technology why would you choose any other car kit.

Here are some of the features of the MKi series of phone kits.

  • A small colour screen (MKi 9200 Car Kit) or you can have a Monochrome (MKi 9100 Car Kit)
  • Dual pair mode, pair two mobile devices simultaneously.
  • ­Automatic phonebook synchronization
  • Speaker-independent voice recognition Connectivity: iPod or iPhone connectivity, USB, aux and music streaming.­­­
parrot car kit install

­Parrot Car Kits

Parrot have a range of car kits suited to those who just prefer a solid, reliable hands free phone kit. Upgradable and versatile, the CK 3100 car kit will pair to any mobile phone. Here are some of its features:

  • Bluetooth hands free system with LCD screen.
  • User interface screen with 3 buttons.
  • Displays menus, contacts, user settings etc.
  • Built-in voice recognition for making calls.
  • Phonebook can store upto 1000 contacts per telephone, up to 5,000 in total per system.­

For those who prefer to keep the dashboard display to a minimum, the Parrot CK 3000evo is the car kit for you. This phone kit has a small control panel to accept calls, dislodge calls and volume control. Here are its features:

  • Bluetooth hands-free system (no screen).
  • User interface has 3 buttons.
  • Phonebook can store upto 150 contacts per telephone, upto 450 in total per system.­
parrot asteriod smart

­Parrot Asteroid Smart Stereo

With the advent of Double Din Multimedia stereo within the sector, Parrot has launched the Asteroid Smart. This double din stereo is a very clever box of tricks and opens the door to internet radio and smart Apps. Parrot has found a gap in the market for “mechless” stereos. There is no CD slot, but who needs one when you have iPod or iPhone USB slots, Bluetooth audio, Aux.

One of the features of this smart stereo is that is has Tom Tom maps pre-installed, Bluetooth, wifi functions and is future proof with upgradable firmware. In the world of the Double Din multimedia sector, the Parrot Asteroid stereo can hold its own. Compatibility of this smart unit is straight forward with any vehicle that will accept a double din stereo.

Parrots’ smart double din will also act as a AV multimedia unit; so adding a digital TV, playing DVD’s or adding a reversing camera is not an issue. If you are after an all in one multimedia stereo then the Parrot Asteroid stereo is a great contender.­

unika box for my steering wheel control

Parrot unika canbus

Parrot unika canbus is an installable interface that connects your vehicle’s steering wheel controls to any parrot hands free system in the MKi and Asteriod series giving all the features of your Parrot hands free system within easy reach.

The unika is a hideaway box and is discreetly installed alongside the brain of the MKi car kit. The unika box will active voice activation, collect call and disconnect call from your steering wheel control buttons.

Not all vehicle use the canbus data system there is another technology known as the R-Ladder protocol and is the equivalent of canbus. This technology is especially dedicated to the automotive environment, using different protective methods against noise and interferences. Parrot has developed a Multicomm box for this technology. Again the same rules apply you can collect, disconnect and activate a voice dial from your steering wheel control buttons.

If you do have a canbus driven system and want a CK3100 or CK3000 evo car kit then you need a Multican steering wheel interface.

Please call us if you need to know is your car compatible.

mobile phone holders, cradle and chargers

Mobile phone holders, phone cradles and phone chargers

When it comes to mounting your mobile phone in your vehicle look no further then Brodit car kit solutions. This company are the mounting platform specialist in mobile phone holders, phone cradles and phone adaptors. There are two types of car kit phone holders:

  • Active holders that not only house your mobile phone but also charge it whilst you are driving
  • Passive holders simply hold your mobile phone in a fixed position.

There is a dedicated brodit phone holder for whatever brand of mobile phone, smart phone you have so please call us to order yours.

Parrot Asteriod. Double Din Stereo in Mercedes.

­­The Parrot Car Kit Company has entered the Double Din sector with an avant-garde approach!

Their Asteriod Smart breaks all the rules and sets a new level of standard. The touch sensitive screen behaves more like an Apple iPad then your traditional screens. It’s super quick and sensitive with a common sense approach to its layout.

Its Smart Apps is what make this Double Din stereo future proof; the depth of the chassis is also considerably smaller than the standard D. Din, making it a joy to install! Depending on your vehicle specification you can also have steering wheel control for more convenience.

Mobile installation work was carried out in the Birmingham area.

car kit install in a Mazda RX8

Mute match sot lead

Here is a great example of using a mute match sot lead. The Mazda RX8 has a very sophisticated Bose amplifier. The active system cannot be intgrated easily.

This particular client wanted a hands free car kit, that allowed digital music playback. Parrot's MKi series ticks all the boxes. Hands free calling, iPod/iPhone integration, usb and aux input.

It’s an involving job requiring the entire centre console to be removed. The final result is great with a clean and tidy look to the whole dashboard. The Bose system is not compromised at all and retains its full audio capabilities.

Our installation services was completed in the North West, Manchester region.

Mki 9100 car kit install in a 2004 Lexus Is 220.

This particular installation involved a standard Toyota SOT lead and a 5m ISO extension lead. We are going post amplifier!

The Lexus is220 carries the Mark Levison amplifier. The phone kit is the now familiar MKi 9100 iPod/iPhone car kit. The key to this installation is knowing where to pick up the mute signal to send the amp to “ground” when receiving a call.

It's an involving job and there is a fair amount of cables to neatly tuck away. The result is a tidy solution to a complex looking dashboard.

This hands free car kit installation took place in the Greater Manchester area.

CK 3100 car kit install in a 24v vehicle

Here is an example of a car kit install in a 24v vehicle.

The key to this installation is to install a 24v to 12v dropper. Once you have the correct voltage you can then safely install any hands free car kit. The finished result is a tidy looking result with easy access to all the controls of the car kit.

This particular mobile install took place in Whitehaven, Cumbria.

car kit install in a Astra 2013 in the Liverpool area.

The new range of Vauxhall models share the same SOT leads. So the Insignia, Astra and Corsa 2013 plate have similar wiring platforms.

In this example, we have a 2013Vauhall ASTRA tourer. The dashboard is intricate and is in 3 parts. Our client chose the Parrot Mki 9200 car kit because of its versatility and looks.

Bluetooth hands free calling, iPod/iPhone integration, USB/SD card and Aux input all in one chassis!

The finish result is a tidy looking car kit. This particular installation took place in the Liverpool area.

Car kit installation in a BMW 5 Series 54plate in Preston

Car kit installation in a BMW 5 Series 54 plate in the Preston area

Our client wanted a Bluetooth hands free car kit and a digital music player in one.

There are a couple of options:

  1. Dension Gateway 500s BT which is incorporated in the vehicle i-Drive and requires coding.
  2. The Mki series of car kits by parrot.

Our client chose the latter because he wanted the ability to transfer into another car if he sold the BMW. The Parrot car kit has to be installed post amplifier and requires a complex SOT lead with an extension cable to bring the brain box of the Parrot kit to the front. After that it is a straight forward car kit installation. The results are great with a super sound quality!

iPod/iPhone car kit installation in Porsche Boxster s . location bury

This ipod/iPhone car kit install was both demanding and time consuming!

The Porsche Boxster S is a very desirable car and with the PCM.2 screen a sheer delight to look at and enjoy. From a car audio installation point of view, the Bose amplified audio system is both complex and demands your full attention.

The Porsche amplifier can be found in the front of the car, a complex match match sot lead with extension is required to install the Mki 9100 hands free car kit. The pictures tell the whole story! Our client was delighted when they received their car back in one piece and a hands free car kit.

ipod car kit installed in a Volvo XC90

Parrot Mki 9100 ipod/iPhone Car kit install in Volvo XC90

This is a great example of the Mki 9100 phone kit installed in a Volvo XC90. The sound system is a complex one, containing an on-board amplifier and Dolby pro logic processing.

Our solution for this type of installation is to go post amplifier! We require a mutematch SOT lead with a 3m extension lead.

Once the amplifier is located you can begin the installation. Its takes about 3 hours of work to route all your cables, microphone, screen display and then put the car back together. The car kit has a great sound quality once married upto the Volvo amplifier.

This particular phone kit installation took place in the Preston area.

Bury music streaming kit installed in BMW 1 series

Bury music streaming car kit installed in BMW 1 series

BMW 1 Series is a very popular car but often lacks the essential Bluetooth streaming kit. The Bury 9056 car kit is Bluetooth enabled, a music streamer and has a touch screen for convenience. You can also pair 2 phones simultaneously!

The final install keeps the dash clean and tidy and is a great addition to the vehicle.

Installation took place in South Manchester.

Car Kit for BMW

Bluetooth Car Kit for BMW mini 2008

The BMW mini is a complex car kit install, involving dismantling of the dashboard.

A fully populated SOT lead is also required as the factory plug is a single mould.

Routing of cables is standard and the final result is a sleek looking car kit with minimal distraction to the driver.

The car kit install took place in Wigan area.

Mki 9200 car kit installed in a Insignia 2010

Mki 9200 car kit installed in a Insignia 2010

Bluetooth car kit and music streamer, all in one kit. The mki series by Parrot is one of the best options for dual phone paring and app music streaming.

Car kit install in Barrow- in-Furness.

Bluetooth car kit for Ford Fiesta

Bluetooth car kit for Ford Fiesta

The new facelift on the Ford Fiesta represents a new challenge to the installer. It’s a very compact and cramped dashboard with little or no room to add any integration cables. The secret is to manoeuvre the stock plug towards the glove compartment.

This will then give you the space to add your SOT lead and install your car kit.

The CK3100 LCD screen can be installed on the right hand side of the dashboard keep the centre console clean and clutter free!

This install was carried out in North Wales.

Bluetooth Car Kit for Saab 93 2009 plate

Bluetooth Car Kit for Saab 93 2009 plate

The Saab 9-3 2009 plate has a complex audio system. As you can see, in the boot hides an on-board amplifier controlling the factory speakers. The signal input to the amplifier runs on fibre optic cables.

To retro fit a car kit, requires vehicle specific integration cables and a cool head. There are several inputs into the stereo, hence into the amplifier. In our example we opted for a direct input method.

The Parrot CK3100 car kit was the chosen kit and looks and works well.

This particular install was carried out in Cumbria.

Bluetooth Car Kit for Porsche Cayenne

Bluetooth Car Kit for Porsche Cayenne

The Porsche Cayenne has a high specification Fiber Optic MOST system. Our client wanted to pair his iPhone 5 to the Porsche system, but no luck. The on-board module box is was outdated and not compatible.

The answer was a retro Bluetooth integration box that incorporated the MOST system. It’s a complex Bluetooth integration install, but the results are great!

It takes about 3 hours work for the installation and “coding” of the audio equipment.

This particular install was carried out in the North West region.

Bluetooth streaming for Audi RS4

Bluetooth streaming for Audi RS4The mighty RS4 is a sight to behold.

Devilishly quick and agile, this Audi is a dream car.

The Audi system, by any standards is a great sounding system; the only problem is that you can’t steam your digital music through the Audi Navigation Plus stereo.This is where the Parrot Mki 9100 car kit comes into play.

The car kit not only provides Bluetooth hands free calling but also has the ability to stream your music.The installation is complex in that you need a mute matching sot lead and a complete strip down of the dashboard. It's an involving install with some great results!

This Audi install took place in the Wales Region.

Bury Car kit Installation in Ford Fiesta

Bury Car kit Installation in Ford Fiesta

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This car kit install is for an Audi A3

Our client opted for a CK3100 because they simply required hands free calling. Most Audi vehicles are either fully amplified or rear amplified. The most important aspect of this install is the mute match lead. This is the integration cable that will switch the factory amplifier off when receiving a call.

The mobile installation work was completed in Wigan

Bury 9060 music car kit install

fit4caraudio are accredited installers for several car kit manufacturers

Here is an example of a Bury 9060 music car kit installation. The vehicle is the Maserati Quattroporte. This is a complex installation involving removing the entire centre dashboard. The vehicle is fully amplified and requires a mute match lead to control the factory amplifier. The bury music car kit is a very advanced voice active system and the touch screen is a delight to use. Here is the final result!

The car kit install was installed in North Wales.